Message from new BAFS President Professor Peter Watson

(Posted on 30/10/23)

Message from new BAFS President Professor Peter Watson

This is my chance to introduce myself as the new President of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences (BAFS), taking over from the successful presidency of Tracy Alexander, who has made a huge and positive contribution to BAFS in the past few years. This is a daunting task and big shoes to fill as you will know. I am indebted to Tracy for all her support to date and her commitment to provide me with support going forward.

Coming from Scotland this brings its own challenges but also provides an opportunity for me to bring my thoughts and experience to bear in this role. As a lawyer, my approach will be understandably distinct from those like Tracy as a forensic scientist. Also different from the approach of academics. That, of course, is the strength of our organisation bringing different interests and experience to bear to meet our aims and objectives.

For an organisation of our relatively small stature, a membership of less than 300, we nonetheless make a significant and important impact in the world of forensic science and in the wider criminal justice system. We meet our declared aims and objectives of education, sharing expertise, providing a place to exchange information and helping the correct set of skills and knowledge to be available for national and international issues in medicine, science, and the law.

The frontiers of science are never fixed and our job in this organisation is to share the advances, research, and insights of our members with those in the forensic and justice community that we engage with.

I believe we have an exciting future as an organisation, I believe we are relevant and important but wish to encourage everyone to promote this organisation and the values it represents. Only with a mind of the forensic scientist can we begin to analyse and understand these problems, find solutions and measure outcomes.

Thank you.

Professor Peter Watson - President


BAFS welcomes applications for Membership from professionals with qualifications in medicine, science, or the law who have contributed, or are likely to contribute, to the application and practice of the Forensic Sciences. Applicants from within these disciplines who are interested, but lack experience, may be offered Associate Membership.