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BAFS welcomes applications for Membership from professionals with qualifications in medicine, science, or the law who have contributed, or are likely to contribute, to the application and practice of the Forensic Sciences. Applicants from within these disciplines who are interested, but lack experience, may be offered Associate Membership. The Academy also appoints Honorary Members and has a category for student or trainee membership at a reduced annual fee.

Members have access to exclusive content and also receive copies of our journal, Medicine, Science and the Law The website also informs members of events that take place over the year and give access to previous recorded events from some of the UK’s leading experts in their respective fields. Members can also search the consented BAFS directory for other members.

Applications for membership should be sent to the Secretary-General, using the form below. Applicants should either provide the names of two referees from within the Academy, or can send in a CV with the names and e-mail addresses of two professional referees. Applications are considered by Council at its next meeting and applicants will be informed of the outcome thereafter. The Academy administrator will then contact the applicant with the outcome of the application.

Here you can read information about the three types of subscription you can apply for:

Full Member

Full members are persons who by reason of their professional standing or special knowledge and integrity have contributed or are likely to contribute to the advancement, application and practice of forensic science / medicine.

Associate Member

Associate Members are persons who have an interest in Forensic Sciences but do not have a career in the core disciplines.

Student Member

We welcome young members who are engaged in an appropriate academic or professional programme of education or training. You will have the opportunity to engage with professionals and to promote BAFS to other student/trainee groups.


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