Forensic Investigation in Counter Terrorism Speaker: Sharon Broome

Date: 30/11/16

Time: 6pm

Venue: Gordon Museum


Forensic Investigation in Counter-Terrorism and Forensic Explosives

Guest Speaker Sharon Broome BSc (Hons), CChem, FRSC, Csci Principal Forensic Investigator Forensic Explosives Laboratory Counter Terrorism and Security Division

Sharon Broome has worked at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory (FEL) in the Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) since 1991, and currently holds the post of Principal Forensic Investigator. During the last 24 years Sharon has acted as reporting case officer for hundreds of forensic cases, many involving improvised explosive devices, their component parts and post explosion scenes. Notable cases include a number of IRA incidents, the July 2005 London bombings, the car bomb attack at Glasgow airport in 2007 and the examination of debris from incidents in operational theatre. International experience has been gained during her involvement in incidents in Iraq, Bali, Pakistan, South Korea, Afghanistan and Belgium. The United Kingdom has been using science as a means of assisting in explosives investigation since 1881. Today’s Forensic Explosives Laboratory provides a forensic explosives service to the police forces on the UK mainland who are investigating the terrorist or criminal misuse of explosives, and this service extends to cases where British interests are affected overseas by terrorist bombings. The laboratory deals with a wide range of cases from pipe bombs to co-ordinated terrorist attacks; this presentation will highlight a selection of cases and aims to demonstrate the variety of casework examined within the UK over the last 100 years.

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