Forensic Imaging: From Plates to Pixels Speaker: Nick Marsh

Date: 21/01/15

Time: 6pm

Venue: Gordon Museum


Nick Marsh - Consultant Forensic Practitioner for Imaging for Specialist Forensic Services

Nick joined the Metropolitan Police Photographic Branch in 1986, after studying scientific and technical photography and has attended thousands of crime scenes, covering all types of casework from the Windsor Castle fire through to high speed ballistics. For the past 25 years he has worked for the Evidence Recovery Unit and specialises in the use of alternative techniques, for the enhancement of latent evidence. In today’s talk he will cover the last 30 years of operational casework and look at its interaction with the other forensic disciplines, particularly how the application of these techniques, can enhance a wide range of evidence types that could be possibly missed, unless a sequential approach is taken to crime scene investigation. He will also discuss the rapid attitude changes in the last five years towards imaging within forensics and highlight some of the limitations around the lack of understanding. Nick has supported specialist operations and delivered training in countries around the world from the USA to Vietnam and has contributed to a number of books, including ‘Current Practices in Forensic Medicine’, The Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (2nd ed) and last year published Forensic Photography A Practitioners Guide. Other diverse articles co-authored, include 'Liquid Latex for the Removal of Soot', 'Are injuries more than skin deep?', and the 'Retrieval of marks from Ivory using nano-sized particles'. Nick Marsh is currently the Consultant Forensic Practitioner for imaging for Specialist Forensic Services and is a Guest Lecturer for MSc Forensic Science at King’s College London university.

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