Experts - Who Needs Them? - Louise Shorter Inside Justice

Date: 25/05/21

Time: 6pm

Venue: Webinar


To view the presentation please either click on the link below or the video window below.

 Criminal prosecutions often involve expert evidence. Five years ago, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, now Minister for the Cabinet Office, declared the British people had had enough of experts. At Inside Justice, we disagree but we are only too aware of cases where expert evidence has been misunderstood as well as cases of wrongful conviction ultimately resolved by expert evidence. This talk will look at a selection of cases which relied on expert evidence and invite you too to share any cases where you believe the courts didn’t get it right.

Louise Shorter, Inside Justice.

Louise Shorter Louise was a Producer of the BBC’s long-running investigative TV series Rough Justice for 10 years before setting up Inside Justice. She is on the Board of Directors of Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees, and was a consultant to the Guardian’s Justice on Trial website when it was launched. Louise is also a member of the Ministry of Justice’s Youth Justice Board. Louise continues to be involved in casework investigations, chairs the Inside Justice expert Advisory Panel and acts as a spokesperson on media projects, most recently Raw Television’s Conviction series for the BBC




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