Blood Pattern Analysis Speaker: Jo Millington

Date: 15/01/15

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Gordon Museum


Guest Speaker Jo Millington

“The media seem to work on the notion that if it bleeds, it leads – the aim of this session is to demystify the discipline of blood pattern analysis by explaining the science that underpins BPA opinion and demonstrate the strengths and limitations of this intriguing evidence type … in the time available! Hopefully it will show that blood has the potential to contribute to an investigation in many different ways, not just via the front pages.”

Jo’s experience in forensic casework spans an 18 year period which started at Lothian & Borders Police laboratory (Scotland) and largely continued with the UK Forensic Science Service (FSS Ltd), UK where she was employed as a Forensic Specialist within the Homicide division and Blood/BPA Quality Lead in London. More recently she was employed within the Specialist Forensics Division of the Metropolitan Police Service where she transferred as part of the UK government’s closure of the FSS. She currently holds the position of Senior Forensic Scientist at Manlove Forensics Ltd. Over the years, Jo has been involved in the multi-disciplinary forensic investigation of hundreds of major and critical incidents, predominantly as lead scientist in complex and/or sensitive investigations or cold case review, and reports all aspects of forensic biology including scene examination, blood pattern analysis (BPA), luminol application and DNA interpretation. Jo collaborates with a wide range of practitioners across the criminal justice system and has given expert scientific evidence, including in many high-profile forensic investigations, in courts across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the prosecution and defence. Jo’s specialism is in Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA), a field in which she has developed an expanding expertise since her formative training with Metro Dade Police, Miami in 1998. She was a key member of the FSS’s training team and had a key role in the design, development and delivery of the FSS’s core BPA training program and a variety of national and international bespoke training courses which she has delivered, and continues to deliver, to a broad spectrum of practitioners. She is recognised within the profession as a leading BPA scientist and is regularly invited to contribute scientifically to various forums including the Scientific Working Group of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN) and the Forensic Science Society (now Chartered Society of the Forensic Sciences). Jo is a visiting lecturer at several UK universities, including Kings College London and the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences on undergraduate and postgraduate programs and holds the honorary position of Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University. She has an active research interest and supervises Masters and PhD level projects and has developed a blood substitute for use in forensic teaching. 

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