Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences Upcoming Courses

Date: 01/01/24

Time: Dates and times to be confirmed

Venue: External Event


PLEASE NOTE: Do not register via the BAFS site. This is an External Event - Registration and further information about this organisation is available via the external site.

Newsletter - October 2023

Dear Friends,

Our Diploma course in Forensic Medical Sciences started at the beginning of October and we are very busy planning the Masters Course starting in January. Please feel free to email us to express your interest in our Diploma course in Management of the Dead and Diploma course in Forensic Human Identification starting next year (dates to be announced!).

For more information about any of our courses and other information regarding the Academy, please see our website at or contact us.


We are preparing for our Master's course in Forensic Medical Sciences, starting in January 2024! This programme is run in collaboration with the University of Verona and offers a unique international perspective with a broad scope, leading to the award of Master of Science. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us.

Register your interest to participate in our Management of the Dead course and Forensic Human Identification courses taking place in 2024!

Applications for our 2024-2025 Diploma course in Forensic Medical Sciences are now open! This course will run from October 2024 until the end of April 2025. The course will cover topics related to law, forensic pathology, forensic human identification, clinical forensic medicine, forensic toxicology, forensic science and others. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us.

All our courses enable participants to claim CPD points.


BAFS welcomes applications for Membership from professionals with qualifications in medicine, science, or the law who have contributed, or are likely to contribute, to the application and practice of the Forensic Sciences. Applicants from within these disciplines who are interested, but lack experience, may be offered Associate Membership.