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Annual General Meeting & Friends' Dinner 2021
Title of the Talk: The ‘Italian Barber’, Danilo Restivo
Speaker: Ian Kelcey
Date: 29th September 2021
Location: Barber-Surgeons’ Hall, Monkwell Square, Wood Street, London EC2Y 5BL

Due to current Health and Safety measures we ask that all our attendees become familiar with current guidelines to prevent exposure to COVID-19.

Please refer to the guidelines from the UK government as well as the Terms & Conditions of this event's hosting venue for more information.

Notorious for secretly cutting women’s hair on buses and in cinemas, Danilo Restivo was jailed for the 2002 murder of Heather Barnett. Breakthroughs in DNA evidence linked Restivo to a murder in Italy nine years previously.

Ian Kelcey

Ian Kelcey was admitted as a solicitor in 1980. He has specialised in Criminal Defence practice since 1990. He is the Senior Partner at Kelcey and Hall who have offices in Bristol and London. Ian was President of Bristol Law Society in 2001 and Chairman of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association from 2002 to 2004.   Ian has been a Council member of the Law Society since 2004 and he was Chairman of the Law Society Criminal Law Committee between 2007 and 2011.  He was again appointed Joint Chair of the Committee in 2017.  Ian has defended in many high profile cases including the Defence of Danilo Restivo, Vincent Tabak (Joanna Yeates murder) and Christopher Hampton (Melanie Road Murder)

Dress Code: Black Tie Formal


5.30 pm — Annual General Meeting

6.00 pm — Guests arrive – drinks reception

7.00 pm — Guests proceed to Great Hall to dine

8.30 pm — Comfort break

8.40 pm — Guest Speaker’s presentation

8.55 pm — Q & A Chatham House Rules

10.00 pm — Carriages


  • Non-members: £85.00
  • Members: £75.00
  • Students/Trainees: £40.00