National Legal Litigation Prize

The British Academy of Forensic Sciences National Legal Prize offered to the student obtaining the highest mark in Litigation through the University of Law.  A prize of £300 is awarded to the winner who will be invited to attend an Academy event to receive their award.


Recent winners of this award have been: 

2005/6                Gail Cockcroft

2006/7                Tom Henderson

2007/8                Hannah Pearce

2008/9                Jennifer Dumencic

2009/10              Laura Croft

2010/11              Katy Showman

2011/12              Lydia Baker

2012/13              Vanessa Harrow and Adam Russell

2013/14              Rachel O’Connor

2014/15              Hannah Fleetwood

2015/16              Laura Sephton

2016/17              Jonathan Fritz

2017/18              Eloise Pollard

2018/19              Joint:     Anastasia Solopova (Guildford)
                                        Magdalena Zamojska (Bloomsbury)

2020/21              Samuel Dunleavy